Temporary Power Outages

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                    Temporary Power Outages By Sandra Lott, RN, MSN

About The Book


When we think of the word “temporary,” we think of momentary, just for a season, not lasting forever, or for just a little while. God allows situations, things and people in our lives, to have a temporary status because He knows what’s best for us. No one wants to hurt physically or emotionally for a long period of time. God was gracious enough to provide us with the term, “temporary.” He said, “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” “Temporary Power Outages,” shows how God’s people still have trials, tribulations, and obstacles in their lives, but glory to God, can overcome them. So many people think that being a Christian means their troubles are over. Some people think that they are unworthy of God’s love and His blessings. Meanwhile, there are others who feel that since they are saved, they have everything in the bag. They forget about others who are suffering or who are in need. The author of this book struggled with her identity as well as other issues early in childhood and continued to struggle throughout part of her adult life. Only God knew how she felt about life and how disappointing it was at times. The author shares her many encounters with God throughout her life and how He kept her from Satan’s snares. She wrote this book with the intent to help those of you who are still hurting from childhood or adulthood issues. She tells how God demonstrated His love for her in the midst of her storms. She also wants you to know that it really is not about us, but about God and the sacrifice He made by giving His only Son.




Today, I sit at my desk with a broken heart, and a broken spirit, but I know that God still has me in mind. I still rejoice in the Lord because I know that these feelings are temporary. The title of my book is very personal to me, not only because God gave me this title, but, also, because I’ve had so many power outages in my life. Fortunately, these power outages were and will always be temporary. There have been so many instances when I felt weak and powerless. There have even been times when I had to pray for the energy just to get out of the bed. Some people think of power as electricity or energy. Power could be either, but these things are not in and of themselves. All power comes from God. We are all open channels of energy. God created us that way. Hallelujah! Our heartbeats occur via an electrical conduction system. Our heart not only possesses electrical energy, it is a major organ that is essential for life. Our heart also displays our personalities and our feelings. The heart can cause us to commit acts of love, but can also cause us to commit acts of hate. Our brain also operates via electrical conductivity. Our brain sends signals throughout the body, giving instructions to other parts of the body. However, God is our only power source. As long as we stay plugged in to our Heavenly Father, our light will always shine and our power will always be great.

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